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Our services are available all throughout Maryland.

group of people are sitting in circle and supporting each otherAt BK Behavioral Health Center, Inc. Outpatient Mental Health Clinic, our services are community-based and are provided to cover the holistic needs of our clients. Our programs are available for children, adults, individuals, and couples who are in need of behavioral and mental health support. We understand that each of our clients’ conditions are unique. Thus, we adopt various evidence-based therapeutic approaches to ensure that the treatment we provide to them is suitable to address the issues that they are facing.

As professionals, we also understand that it may not be enough for treatments to end in our offices. Thus, we collaborate with our clients, their loved ones, and other healthcare providers to foster psychosocial learning at home. With our combined efforts to help them live better and healthier lives, management of their condition is made more possible.

Our Mission Statement

BK Behavioral Health Center, Inc. is a person-centered behavioral health center that emphasizes individual choices and needs; features flexible community-based services and supports; uses existing community resources and natural support systems; and promotes independence for our Participants as they pursue a meaningful living, working, learning, and leisure activities in their community settings. The goal is to serve all especially the the less fortunate.

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